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Northern Exposure Showcases


As part of the Northern Exposure Conference, musicians from across the province and beyond will be performing at both the Sunset Theatre and Barkerville on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, as well as out in Barkerville on Sunday afternoon. Full schedule below.

The public can buy a 3 day pass for $20, or $10 for a single day. Showcases are included in conference registration.


8:00pm - Showcases begin at Sunset Theatre - Good Egg Records Presents, featuring… 

Amy Blanding: Amy Blanding is a singer/songwriter living on the traditional, unceded territory of the Lheidli T’enneh in Prince George, BC. Raised on an eclectic mix of Celtic music, choir, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Amy plays many genres and is known for exceptional collaboration and vocal harmonies. After breaking-out with her BC-Canadiana band Black Spruce Bog, she has continued to forge her own musical path. Performing with an unbridled, often unnerving authenticity and passion, Amy’s joy on stage is palpable. “Amy Blanding sings with conviction and soul. She delivers songs that tell stories that remind us of what is good.” –Kym Gouchie

 Britt A.M.: A one-woman band to be reckoned with, Prince George, B.C.’s Britt A.M. uses loop and effect pedals to create riff-based songs with barbed hooks and experiential messages.

 Naomi Kavka: Naomi is a confident and fearless musician, penning songs that are deeply intimate, political, and cathartic. Performances balance unhinged viscera and discipline; songs weave spirits of 70s noir-country, with neo-traditional-folk flourishes.

GOOD EGG RECORDS is a label based in Prince George, BC – Enjoy music featuring artists from this new and exciting record label.


7:30pm – 10:00pm - Evening Musical Showcases - Sunset Theatre, Wells (exact times and order TBA)

Banjoman: Imagine a hoedown in which Jimi Hendrix comes back from the dead and uses his impressive skill to have some fun by picking up a banjo and start jamming bluegrass, soul and rock.

Noah Derksen: Influenced by the contrasting cultures of Canadian prairies and the west, Noah Derksen writes with the groundedness of harsh Manitoba winters mixed with the optimism of British Columbia’s coastline.

Rae Spoon: Rae Spoon is an award-winning non-binary musician and author. They have released nine solo albums spanning folk, indie rock and electronic genres and have toured across Canada and internationally.

Ms. Panik: Loop Poet & Wholesome* MC From the Unceeded Territory of the Xaayda (HAIDA) Nation. Acoustic guitar and spectacular R&B Soul vocals are fused together for intimate acoustic performances. Loop pedal driven; hip hop, folk rock & neo-soul influenced productions on stage - combine looped rhythms w/ sampled & live percussion + layered guitar + melodic harmonies. Her poetic verses burst forth in powerful emotionally engaging performances - very often improvised freestyle tailored unique for the energy of each audience.

Shirley Gnome : Gnome is subversive, empowering, and not for the faint of heart. The Edmonton Journal calls her “the Queen troubadour of intelligent black comic sex balladry”.


4:00pm – 5pm - Sunset Theatre
Sunset Theatre Exploration Series: Breastless by Emma Jarrett, Dramaturgy and Director Danette Boucher
Developed at the Sunset Theatre in Wells as part of their Exploration Series, this one-woman show was written once the shock had dissipated from my diagnosis of and treatment for breast cancer. Sometimes humorous, often thoughtful and quizzical, this roller coaster ride of emotion is an honest portrayal of being at the mercy of modern medicine, saved by the care of other practitioners and buoyed up by loved ones.

The Exploration Series is the incubator for new works. The Sunset Theatre nurtures each play and artist involved at the varying stages of their own development from emerging to senior artist. It is the umbrella for new play development ranging from scrapbooking to premiere production. This signature series has cultivated a successful reputation giving rise to new voices, including our BC Indigenous communities.

As a creative hub fostering excellence through art the Sunset supports theatre and artist at any phase of their development. We respect, encourage and nurture creative autonomy for the playwright regardless of their previous experience. Each project can enter the process at any point in its development with the eventual intended result of premiere production at the Sunset Theatre.

7:30pm – 10:00pm - Evening Musical Showcases - Sunset Theatre, Wells (exact times and order TBA)

Jenny Banai: ‘A remarkably talented singer. Her voice is agile and expressive, with uncommon power and control’ (Radio Host and Hip Hop Artist, Shad). Jenny Banai is armed with classical training on both voice and violin. Performing live on electric guitar, she ‘stuns audiences with her intriguing songs and her charming unpretentious presentation,’ bringing a unique vision to the creation of powerful progressive pop.

Steve Brockley: You’ll find Steve Brockley singing from behind the drums joined by 3 like-minded musicians. A soulful approach to folk, engaging energy, and a laid-back affair

Kimmortal: A queer non-binary pilipinx artist incorporating song, poetry, rap, dance, and visuals. Has featured on CBC Exhibitionists, Women of Color Festival (SF), Kultura FIlipino Arts Festival (Toronto), and SXSW 2018.

Danny Bell And His Disappointments: Danny Bell writes accordion-based folk music. His songs are pure & simple, sweeping superfluity off of the table so we can stay near the filthy ground.


1:00pm – 2:00pm –Acoustic Showcases in Barkerville at the Methodist Church - Free to the public

William Kuklis: Prolific singer-songwriter William Kuklis grips audiences with his powerhouse vocals, emotion and charisma. Kuklis has been compared to greats such as Matt Andersen, Van Morrison, Steven Page, and John Popper.

Richard Garvey: Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer from Kitchener. His award winning songs explore the highs and lows of love, injustice, and the marbled mess of the human condition. Whether he’s playing to a living room or an amphitheatre, Richard brings clever songs and a sly sense of humour to inspire solidarity, hope, and change. If you’re looking for the latest incarnation of world-changing, foot-stomping, and heart-filling folk music, see Richard Garvey.

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