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Artist Talk with Hans-Christian Behm

Join us at the School at 7pm for an Artist Talk with printmaker, Hans-Christian Behm from Bowen Island. Hans-Christian is leading a Printmaking workshop at Island Mountain Arts March 23 - 28. Please arrive through the side doors on the North side of the Wells School and head up the stairs to the top floor.



Hans-Christian Behm was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1961. That same year he began studying Architectural Design at UBC and worked in that field for 45 years. Later in life Behm developed a keen interest in printmaking and began mentoring under Wayne Eastcott at the Capilano University's Art Institute.

Artist's Statement

I am fascinated by contrast and movement, expressed visually or tangibly.

I experience movement through space as the fourth dimension and with it the singularity of the Moment.

My prime objective is to see and to see beyond the obvious. This has taken me on a never-ending journey of discovery. As I age, the wealth of recognized patterns, relationships and experiences expands. This guides me towards a greater clarity of vision and simplicity.

I have always been fascinated by movement and the energy causing it.

With " Kinesiscript ", I can trace the path of a falling leaf, the steps of dancers, the flight of a bee and the wake of a fish trying to escape the tug of the hook.

Art is a mirror of the All-there-is, Life and beyond.

I live on Bowen Island, B.C., near my children and grand children.

Behm, Hans SalmonAreSacred (Medium).jpg