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Exhibition "Intangible Realms of Being" by Simone Buck

Join us at the IMA Gallery for the Opening of “Intangible Realms of Being” featuring paintings by Cariboo artist Simone Buck. The Opening starts at 7pm, artist talk at 7:30pm. The exhibition runs until July 14.

On Saturday, June 15 & Sunday, June 16th join Simone Buck for a two-day workshop, “Expressive Watercolour,” which delves into creative expression through abstract watercolours. More info here

“Intangible Realms of Being” by Simone Buck

This body of work explores the unseen realms that form part of the human existence, like emotions, thoughts, male and female aspects of the self or the shadow, expressed in the form of abstract expressive paintings. It is the engagement with the unconscious through a brush, paint and canvas, that the phenomena of consciousness is made visible, art is being used as the bridge between the two.

“Through my art I strive to examine the dualistic nature of processes responsible for the human experience, for example the contraction or expansion of the mind or male and female aspects of the self, by drawing upon a language of shapes, forms and colours inherent in the natural world. The paintings will resemble abstract organic organisms with the complexity of them representing states of being at the same time. Having worked in all mediums I appreciate each one for their individual properties and for their ability to bring forth different aspects of my creativity. There is no preferred medium to my work as each of them seems to engage my artistic self in their own unique way,” explains Buck.

Aspects of C.G. Jung’s psychology, Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies, as well as, ancient shamanic journeying is where Buck draws her inspiration from for this body of work. The paintings are not only meant to express the artist’s engagement with the canvas but also stimulate and request the viewer to engage with the intangible realms that are being presented. For example; is the painting evoking a calm state of mind or might it trigger anxiety? What a does a certain colour evoke?”

Growing up between two rapidly changing and very different worlds, West- Africa and Germany, art was a way for Simone to create her own world from an early age, a world that she had control over when there was no control over the external world. Through the manifestations of her art on canvas she was able to reflect and recognize the interconnectedness of all things being and to penetrate into deeper yet more ethereal realms of her own being. Life circumstances and choices always fostered a life in relative solitude close to nature and wilderness and her paintings draw their elements, contents or symbolism from the natural world.

Simone now resides in McLeese Lake and works our of her studio and Gallery Coldsnap-Studio. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts, Communication & Graphic Design from the University Mannheim, Germany and has worked self employed in the Design Industry serving the corporate scientific publishing sector since 1998, and is presently studying with the School of Modern Soul Science.