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Winter Printmaking Residency

Printmaking techniques taught:
Mono printing
Potato stamping
Linoleum “Lino” plate
Woodcut plate
Sinatra plate

Mono printing involves simply the transfer of colour from one surface to another in a singular process, “one of”. Potatoes stamping is done by carving a raised pattern on the flat cross cut surface, dabbing it in paint and “stamping” the paper. Students are encouraged to come up with other objects which would be suitable for similar colour transfers. The following techniques require some sort of surface treatment of plate, including carving, sanding or using natural surfaces. This applies to Lino, wood and Sinatra. And finally, embossing is achieved by deforming paper over three dimensional surfaces. Sinatra is an ideal material for that purpose. There will be a variety of papers offered including thin Mullberry paper which can be used when a printing press is not available.

Day 1, Saturday, March 23,
9:00 Introduction of instructor and participants, past experience and expectations.
9:30 Orientation, introduction to materials and equipment
10:00 Introduction to techniques including safety measures.
Mono printing
Potato stamping

12:00. - 1:30 lunch

1:30 introduction to carving of wood, Lino and Sinatra plates.

3:30 end of instruction

Day 2, Sunday, March 24,

9:00 Repetitions and helping participants with techniques of their choice.

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 continuing assistance

3:30 end of instruction

Days 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

are focussed on helping participants to maximise their time with printing their own work.

The instructor will be present at all times and will gladly work with individual participants. Some scheduling of the use of the presses may be necessary in order to give fair access. There will be four roller and two vertical presses available.
Access to the studio is from 8:30 to 12:00, 1:30 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 10:00 if general school activities permit evening hour openings.
Examples of the instructor’s work will be exhibited in the studio.

Supply List:

Participants are asked to bring these materials if they have them. There will be supplies on hand for those that do not have these materials.

Pencils HB, 2B; 1 Art Gum and 1 General’s kneaded rubber eraser (putty-like), OLFA knife, 50 cm (20inch) or 61cm (24inch) metal ruler, black India ink, 1 large and 1 small watercolour brushes (round), water colours, set of good quality carving tools (for lino, wood block and sintra), sponge, cotton rags, scissors, non-rusting soup spoon for wood or Lino cuts, latex gloves, smock/ shirt, Scotch tape , 1" masking tape (green), small bottle of white wood/paper glue, 2", 4", 6" brayers., BandAid and Polysporin

Materials and Equipment supplied by the School:

Covered work space, tables, chairs/stools, glass surfaces, hot and cold water, soaking pans, water based printing inks, tarlatan (for wiping of plates), presses, rubber and wool blankets, different weights of paper, Saran wrap, Ziplock soaking bags and drying towels for paper, paper towels, clothes line and clothes pegs, paper cutter, lino, wood block, aluminium, Plexiglass, steel markers for dry point

Or Call to Register: 1-800-442-2787

*Additional week of studio residency available for $350-400 (only available with IMA Building accom)

*See scholarship and bursary information below, IMA strives to make this program accessible to professional and emerging artists through providing subsidy. 

*Participants are welcome to use the studio spaces 24hours a day.

*Some supplies are covered, supply list TBA

Island Mountain Arts presents a printmaking residency led by Hans-Christian Behm. Participants will be given instruction around basic mono-printing, lino and wood cut, dry-point and embossing processes, all-the-while being immersed in the beautiful and historic backdrop of Wells in the Winter. No previous experience in printmaking is required. 

Participants will be given the option of staying in the IMA residency multi-occupancy building “the Nest” or one of the other accommodation providers in Wells. Each participant will be provided with 24hr access to large bright art studios as well as scheduled demonstrations, and ongoing hands-on work with Hans-Christian.

Instructor Bio:


HANS-CHRISTIAN BEHM was born and raised in Germany. In 1961 he immigrated to Canada and began studying Architectural Design at UBC, going on to work in that field for 45 years. Later in life Behm developed a keen interest in printmaking and began mentoring under Wayne Eastcott at Capilano University’s Art Institute. He lives and makes art on Bowen Island, BC where he helped to found the Bowen Island Art Council.

Scholarship & Bursary Info:

What are the Selection Criteria?

Based on a review of the application materials and the following considerations, Island Mountain Arts will select individuals to receive scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded through a juried process based on the following criteria. Island Mountain Arts reserves the right to change these criteria if the submissions warrant.

Applications must include the following:

  • Show a commitment to their art practice.

  • A letter stating what they hope to gain from this experience

  • Provide a current CV/bio and artist statement

  • A commitment to attend the residency if accepted


Friday, March 22 - 7pm, Welcome Reception

Saturday, March 23 to Thursday, March 28 - Hans-Christian Behm working with participants 9am - 3:30pm. 

Later Event: April 18
Self Directed 5-Day Residency