Northern Exposure Showcase Pass


Northern Exposure Showcase Pass

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Join us for three nights of music as part of the Northern Exposure Conference. Musicians from across the province will be performing at the Sunset Theatre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. 

Buy a 3 night pass for $20, or $10 for a single night or for Marcel Gagnon's afternoon performance. Showcases are included in conference registration.

Thursday, October 12, 8pm - 11pm
Saltwater Hank
Bees & the Bare Bones
Compassion Gorilla

Friday, October 13, 7pm - 11pm
Alexandra Staseson
Kym Gouchie
Leila Neverland
The Kwerks

Saturday, October 14
1 - 3pm

Marcel Gagnon - Awakening My People Through Sweat Lodge (Sunset Theatre Exploration Series)
Ronnie Dean Harris (AKA Ostwelve)

7pm - 11pm
Vic Horvath
Coldwater Road
Interstellar Jays
Fortune Killers

Sunday, October 15
1pm in Barkerville

Ronnie Dean Harris (AKA Ostwelve)